From Compendium of Cancer Genome Aberrations
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Meet your editors! We welcome questions and your participation in the CCGA.

Jennelle C. Hodge, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Indiana University; Editor-in-Chief CCGA, Associate Editor CCGA [AML Section]
Fabiola-Quintero-Rivera, MD, Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of California Los Angeles; Associate Editor CCGA [MDS/MPN Section]
Yassmine Akkari, PhD, FACMG, Scientific Director of Cytogenetics and Molecular Pathology, Manager of Genetics Laboratories Operations, Legacy Health; Associate Editor CCGA [ALL Section]
Snehal Patel, MD, PhD; Co-Associate Editor CCGA [Lymphoma Section]

Picture coming soon:
Greg Corboy, PhD
LabPlus Auckland City Hospital (Auckland, New Zealand)
School of Clinical Sciences, Monash University (Melbourne, Australia)
Department of Clinical Pathology, The University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
Co-Associate Editor CCGA [Lymphoma Section]